Oscar’s Wish List

Oscar is getting very excited about the new house.  He loves to tell people that a bulldozer is going to come and smash our house down and that we are going to live in a little house while we build a new one.  Today he told me what we needed to have in the house:

  • Bathroom
  • Toilet
  • Play roon
  • Basketball place
  • Cricket place

Obviously he has some supporting aspirations!  He later told us the house needed to have grass on the roof  – too much Grand Designs I think.

We’re  coming into a lovely weekend so the plan is to start tackling the salvage of the garden today.  It’s sad to see all our hard work being pulled up, but exciting to make a start at the same time.

Back yard


View of the garage from the back door
Dermie’s Home
Back yard
Front yard