Lights over the kitchen bench:

Pendant lights from Ikea.

Ikea Ottava pendant lamp (image from Ikea)

Kitchen cabinetry:

The kitchen cabinetry will have cast iron drawer pulls and handles made by Traditional Hardware Co..

Kitchen cupboard profile and drawer pull
Kitchen cupboard profile and drawer pull
Kitchen Drawer Pulls
Kitchen Drawer Pulls
Cupboard Handles
Cupboard Handles


The kitchen sink is ceramic from Ikea.

Ikea Ceramic Kitchen Sink
Ikea Ceramic Kitchen Sink

Bastow  Sink Mixer

Bastow Sink Mixer
Bastow Sink Mixer (Image from Bastow)

Bench Tops:

Red Gum on the island bench.

Kitchen Bench Profile
Kitchen Bench Profile

Dolomite marble on the benches either side of the stove.

Stone for kitchen bench top
Stone for kitchen bench top

 Splash back:

The kitchen splash back is going to be pressed metal panels in the Large Brick pattern, powder coated in Precious Silver Kinetic Satin.

Pressed Tin Panels: Brick
For the splash back. Pressed Tin Panels: Brick


One comment on “Kitchen

  1. Hi,

    Your plans look fantastic as does the progress made so far!

    I particularly love your kitchen details. We came very close to using the Brick pressed metal ourselves, but thought it might be a bit much for 3 walls in our kitchen. Good luck with the rest of your build!


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