Roof Complete, Cladding Starting (plus lots more)

It’s all still progressing at a great rate of knots:

  • The roof was completed last week,
  • The hot water panels were installed while the scaffolding was up,
  • The deck has been completed, with the exception of a lot of screws (this is not part of the Harkaway package and is being supplied by our builder),
  • The painter started painting the gables but didn’t finish before the scaffolding came down (I assume it will have to go back up for him to finish),
  • The front and side verandahs have progressed, but are not quite finished yet,
  • The vents for the ducted heating system have been marked out,
  • The scaffolding came down today, and
  • The insulation has started to go up in preparation for the cladding.


We had to have one of the heating vents relocated; it had been placed inside the main bedroom box window, where I plan to put a lovely relaxing armchair and ottoman for curling up and reading.  It can go on the other side of the room, or in one of the corners.  We discovered this by accident, so it is a good thing we are frequently out on site.

The solar hot water panels went up, but they didn’t fit on the left (east) side of the north-facing roof, so were installed on the other side instead.  This is where we had planned to put the solar electricity panels.  Hopefully we can have some placed there and some on the west side.

On the inside of the house we have made some small changes:

  • Exhaust fans to go into the Butler’s Pantry and the Laundry, and
  • The space above the return air vent (for the ducted heating) to have shelving built into it.

We haven’t heard back from the cabinet maker on final designs and costs yet.

We have been re-doing our research on the bamboo flooring that we want to use; making sure that the brand we looked at 2 years ago is still suitable.

Oscar has been helping me plan his Star Wars room, and I have been scouring the internet for Clone Wars wall decals, light saber lights, bedding and more.

Finally, as a celebration of sorts, hubby had a Topping Out for the house – holding a branch above the highest point, to appease the spirits of the trees that were sacrificed to build it.  (This is what happens when you watch too much Grand Designs!)

Topping Out Ceremony
Topping Out Ceremony