Cork Tiles

Ever wondered what happens to those wine corks that groups collect for fundraising? Well apparently they are used to make cork tiles, such as those made by Comcork.  We have given up on the idea of carpet for the upstairs attic.  This area is likely to be a TV room initially and the only carpets we can “safely” use for Oscar will not be very soft, so not great for lounging around on the floor.  Hubby came up with the great idea of Cork tiles.  They tick all the boxes:

  • Low VOC and Low Toxicity (depending on the manufacturing process) – Comcork look OK.
  • It has good insulating properties
  • It’s fire retardant
  • It’s a good sound barrier, so great for 2nd stories
  • It’s hypo allergenic
  • It’s soft and warm
  • It bounces back after impact
  • It’s impermeable to gases and liquids, so doesn’t rot