Preliminary Tender

Its been a long time between posts.  We have been busily packing and finally got our preliminary tender documents from our builder 2 weeks ago.

We spent a couple of hours with our design consultant going through the details, making a few changes and going back into the display home to check out a few things (sitting in the bath to check the size – too small) and modifying our electrical plan (location of power points and light fittings).

Overall it was pretty good, a couple of mistakes and queries (to be expected) and a few minor changes from us (also to be expected).

The one disappointing thing was the oven specified.  The original estimate was for a westinghouse 90cm free standing oven or equivalent.  The builder that is quoting for us uses Emilia appliances (the cheaper version of Glem) – which is OK –  but they have specified an Emilia model AL965EI, which appears to be obsolete.  This oven is no longer listed on the manufacturer’s website, so I can’t get specifications for it, and I can’t find it for sale anywhere.  I found some old pages relating to it that state it was released in March 2008.  Obviously we won’t be accepting this “equivalent”.  Hopefully its an error and not a case of there being one sitting in a warehouse somewhere and the builder is looking for someone to fob it off on.

Apart from that, things are moving along again, and hopefully it won’t be too much longer before we have our contracts.  In the meantime there is plenty to keep us busy preparing for the move and demolition.