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1950s fantasy

This add was emailed around the office today in response to a problem with the kitchen sink.

It reminded me of a house I recently saw for sale with a stainless steel kitchen – it looked like a fish and chip shop! The add says “Modern today, modern to stay”, so maybe they were right.  Although I haven’t seen too many Jet Tower dishwashers!

Think I’ll keep looking.


Yay! – A decision!

A small one, but a decision anyway!  We have found a sinkthat we like (I did say a small decision – how many more are there to make?).

Source: Blanco

We only got out for about 90 minutes today, but we have made a small bit of progress – the sink and we agreed on a style of tap for the sink (round, mixer style, with a hose that pulls out the end – called a vegy spray).  We also visited a kitchen place that make kitchens that we liked.  There was display kitchen in a traditional style which we really liked.  They also had some really great ideas for drawers under sinks and in pantries, which I love!

And we spoke to one of our neighbours who built a period style weatherboard home.  They have used their builder several times (a good recommendation) and gave us his details.  So now we can widen our net a little to find out what is possible.

Overall a pretty positive today.


More kitchens

Another kitchen place yesterday.  Very impressed.  As well as the standard timber bench tops, they also have beautiful reclaimed timber benches!  This time we are going to put together a plan ourselves, but its not so hard now, they had a big showroom so we could see all the different types of cupboards and drawers.  I quite liked the appliance cupboard – which I’d never heard of before.  It hides away your appliances, they are still on the bench top but hidden behind a little roller door or cupboard, and you just pull them out when you need them.