We’re In!

We have moved in!  Hand over Monday the 15th and we spent the whole week moving in.  It was exhausting but thrilling as well.   Our GoBox of stuff was delivered Tuesday morning and we camped out on mattresses on the floor that night.  The house wasn’t quite complete, but we had the occupancy certificate:

  • The stove hasn’t been installed – it was dented when the box was opened and our builder asked for it to be replaced.  Hopefully the new one will be installed this week.
  • The main kitchen sink isn’t plumbed yet – it was missing a screw, which Ikea didn’t have (not even in their display unit) so it is being sent from Sweden!
  • The front screen door is yet to be delivered and installed.
  • The painter spent Monday and part of Tuesday doing touch-ups on the paint.

We are absolutely happy with how it is turned out.  It was so nerve racking making so many choices and not knowing whether they will all work together, but they have.