And So it Starts

I had a phone message left this afternoon.  Apparently it was about the soil testing that needs to be done on our property.  I couldn’t understand the callers name, and he said he was from “something unintelligible” Consulting Engineers and wanted to know if anyone would be home tomorrow morning so they could come and start field works.  When I called back he didn’t answer with a company name and told me his client was someone I had never heard of.  When I questioned this he changed his mind and it was actually soil testing he wanted to do and said maybe my builder had sub-contracted the job to someone else.Apart from the fact  that I am definitely not going to let complete strangers into my yard if I can’t verify who they are, he had some nerve calling the afternoon before to have someone let them in between 8 and 9am the next day.  What is it with people who think you have nothing better to do than drop everything at a moment’s notice and who will probably actually not get there until about 12pm – wasting my entire morning!I know this only the first of many such situations.  On the upside, things are actually under way (assuming this guy was for real and not just a stalker).