I visited a kitchen place yesterday that do wooden bench tops and they are going to put together a design based on our draft floor plan.  Not only do they do the timber bench tops, they were very happy to propose a design to us, which is great because we really have no idea what we want in terms of cupboard configuration. Our layout is quite basic  – a galley kitchen – so we are really only talking about what type of cupboards to have along the wall and under the centre bench.

First formal attempt at house plan design



2 comments on “Kitchens

  1. wideeyedgirl on said:

    Dropping by from Digital Parents Follow me group – as to kitchens I can't recommend enough Cubopac – they are Italian flatpack kitchens and they are stylish and inexpensive! Anyway am following hope you can stop by my blog too,


  2. Oscar's Mum on said:

    Thanks for the tip, I will look into them.