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Set back on the setback

After much tooing and froing with our setback and moving it from 7.5m to 8.25m we will be getting our building permit tomorrow. We had hoped to move our setback forward, but that would require a dispensation from Council which will take months. Only slightly annoyed as Council told us to include the setback on the plans for the building permit and it would be approved through that process. Its only 75cm, but it’s crazy how much land is wasted on front yards – I really don’t see the point of them!

I have suggested to hubby we put our veggie garden in the front yard and do something useful with it!



The view from on high

It’s only been a couple of months, but I had already forgotten how high our house was at the back.  When I saw the heights that had been measured out for the new house I was a bit shocked.  Then I remembered that the back steps had been half way up the fence.  The main difference is that we will now have somewhere to enjoy the view from!


The start

After waiting so long, things are finally starting. I stopped by the block after picking O up from his first day at Prep. Our builder G was onsite measuring up. The cut out is next, then digging the holes.

One of the advantages of stumps is that there is no need to let the ground settle after demolition.

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