A funny thing happened at the house yesterday

The week before last we received a letter from the building surveyor advising that he was going to make a visit to the site sometime in the next 12 weeks. The letter also asked us to make him welcome if we were home (it’s a construction site!) and that the visit would most likely be on a Saturday, if this was a problem we could make an appointment. This all seemed quite bizarre since we are so close to the occupancy inspection, but figured if he wanted to look at the house through the fence he could.

Our builder is working this weekend to finish everything off in the next week or two. By coincidence the building inspector rocked up for his visit. He commented that the house looked complete and when our builder explained that it wasn’t quite there, the inspector said there was enough for occupancy – shower, toilet sink – so he did the final inspection. All our builder has to do is provide the electrical and plumbing certificates and we’ll have the occupancy certificate.

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