Verandah roof, plastering, base boards and more painting

The plastering has continued this week and look almost complete.  The bathroom and ensuite are done, as is the roof in the living area.  All the joins have been covered over.

The verandah roof over the back deck is completed, and so are the steps leading down.  The Harkaway verandah guttering has gone in, and the roof has started.  It will be beers on the back deck next weekend (Melbourne weather permitting)!

The baseboards are on around 3 sides of the house.  We’ve decided to paint them the same colour as the main house colour (Pearl Lusta), however the merbau decking keeps leaching colour in the rain, so I’m not sure when they will get painted.  Meanwhile, the exterior painting is continuing, plus a bit more inside.

There is still a lot of dirt around the site, which Oscar is having great fun playing in (although the builders did clean up his collection of sewerage pipe pieces!).  Wait until we start on the garden.


Loving the dirt!
Loving the dirt!