Painting, plumbing, plastering and bats

The painting started in ernest last week. The external cladding and verandah posts are being painted.  A lot of the exterior will be painted before the verandah roof goes on; once that happens the painting will be more difficult.  There are also many, many decorative pieces that need to be installed, and these are all being painted before going onto the house.

The verandah decking has now been finished since the posts went in, and the back steps are almost done.

Painting inside has also started around the windows.  Inside the plumbing is also underway. The connections to the sewerage and storm water will soon be done.  When that happens we will be able to start putting our back yard back together.

The builders have been shaving back the frame for weeks now, making sure that every surface is even before the plaster goes on. The plasterer starts work this week, so our pre-plaster inspection was done today.

And finally, the pink bats went into the roof today.