Reuse, Recycle and Pack

We are working in the garden again.  Pulling things out, storing them for later when we move back in after the build.  Some of the plants have been in pots for two years – they have all been re-potted to keep them going.  Hopefully only another 12 months.

100s of pavers have been lifted, even the little man has been working had on those.  His dump truck has been doing some hard work up and down the back yard.

We’ve also sold (ebay) and given away (freecycle) many unwanted things, such as old toys and appliances.  The local charity bins are also benefiting from our clean out.  Although it has been a bit traumatic for the little man 🙁 .

Space Bags have become my new best friend!

The pace is still slow, but moving in the right direction. 🙂