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The Attic?

We need to rethink the attic.  The builder came out this morning to discuss the design proposal and look at some of our options.  The attic is a problem.  At it’s highest point it is only going to be about 2m high, to get it any higher we’ll need to increase the roof pitch which is going to cost a lot more.  2m is OK for hubby and myself (we’re short), but if Oscar’s current height is anything to go by he’s going to tower over us, and it won’t be long before he does!  So if we keep it, the question is what will it be used for?  Mum’s retreat maybe?  Probably not :(.


Attic Section


There are a few more changes to investigate as well, including a red gum bench top in the kitchen and a period facade over the oven and cook top.  We are also looking at bamboo flooring, something we had previously investigated as part of the low VOC requirements.

We also had a walk around our site and keeping the trees at the back and the beautiful Jacaranda out front is no problem.  The sewerage line can come down between the trees and angle of to the sewer point.  The driveway needs to mostly go, but we knew that anyway.



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  1. Cathi Walker on said:

    Would make a great retreat! Or just storage (we are using our attic space for storage + music room + games room, but our roof pitch is steep so I think we’ll end up with about 2.7m ceiling height in the attic).

    Melboards does period facades for a rangehood. Not cheap but overall (have tried three kitchen companies plus Bunnings), their prices were the lowest and a lovely range for either period or modern kitchens, plus they grasped what it was that we wanted rather than offering some crummy alternative.