A quick update

We have reviewed the proposal from our builder today.  We’ve actually had it for 3 weeks but have all been so sick with flu, colds, tummy bugs (you name it!) that we hadn’t had a chance to do any more than a brief flick through, so we put aside some time this weekend to look it over.  Overall it’s pretty good, although there are a few things we discussed that either haven’t been included or have but aren’t stated.  I hope it’s more of the latter as the price is already too high and we need to find some places to cut costs.  There are some things we will do ourselves after hand over, including fit out of the bar on the verandah and the attic, and there are some materials we will look into cheaper alternatives for.


4 comments on “A quick update

  1. Cathi Walker on said:

    Plan looks good! Have you considered moving the door to the walk in pantry to the other side so that your sink can be under a window?

    Have been following your blog, we are just starting building a Harkaway in Croydon after demolishing a total dump that was on the land we bought (just last week we finally started, plans and permits took forever). Would love to correspond about the process.


  2. Hi Cathi,
    we hadn’t thought of that idea with the pantry, but we’ll have a play around with it. Thanks

    Good luck with your build, it sounds like you are a bit ahead of us. Happy to have someone to talk to about this who is doing it at the same time.

    How did you find my blog?

    • Cathi Walker on said:

      I think I came across it way back during a search for period house builders, at the point when we hadn’t decided what we were going to do. I did check out Premier and possibly one other after reading your blog, but they weren’t quite what we were after (we really want the high ceilings and full period detail).

      We decided to do it, then bought a block and finalised plans in September/October last year – getting the plan that we wanted was super quick, getting the planning permit and building permit have taken a loooong time!

      • We loved Harkaway but the owner/builder issue scared us off. Hope it all goes well for you now that you’re got the OK to start.