That’s the One!

After weeks of deliberately driving round and photographing old houses and contemplating the styles, I accidentally stumbled on the one while looking for a parking spot on my way to the doctor.

Our house won’t look exactly the same – we have a garage instead of a carport, and it’s on the opposite side, and we have the attic so the main roof line will look a bit different.  The key elements are there though – the box window and awning, the balustrading, fretwork and turned posts on the verandah, which will also go on the side verandah and back deck.

We have also decide to go with stumps instead of a slab and have under floor insulation.  There are a lot of “knock-over and rebuilds” happening in our area and they are moslty on stumps, even the brick homes and sites with multiple dwellings on them.  We think it’s to avoid the large amount of earth works that need to be done as the blocks generally slope, but cost wise there probably isn’t much difference.

So next stop is a drafts man to get our drawings done.