One more builder


We went to one more display village last weekend – back out to Doreen.  I can’t even remember the name of the estate – we’ve been to so many now!  We would have passed these homes on our first trip out there, but were obviously so focused on the map that we didn’t see them.  Oscar wanted to look for a purple house and a green house.  We didn’t find any of those, but we did look at 2 displays from Highview Homes – the Seachange Cottage and the Victoriana:

Seachange Cottage.  (Source: Highview Homes)
Victoriana Home (Source: Highview Homes)

The Victoriana had the traditional style interior, but is far too big for what we want.  The Seachange was modern inside and very basic, but it did have this lovely “raked ceiling”.

Source: Highview Homes
Neither of them was overly exciting, so the Hawthorn Atticis still in number one position.

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