A rode trip

We drove out to Narre Warren last weekend – a 30 minute drive – to have a look at this display home, from the same builder we saw at Laurimar:

Source: Premier Builders Group

Only, when we got there we discovered it was no longer a display home (Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr).

(I emailed and suggested they update their website,which they have!)
So then we went out to Cranbourne to the Cascades on Clyde estate – another 20 minutes drive. Oscar fell asleep on they way so we had to take it in turns to go inside them all.  Why is it that display homes don’t open until 12 or 1pm on the weekend?  Surely someone has realised that a large percentage of people going through these places have young children who need to sleep at this time otherwise they become very cranky!
We saw a couple more of the Premier Builders Group homes.  One was a brick version of the Delatitte cottage we loved at Laurimar (which also looks fantastic) and another was the brick version of the one at Narre Warren (which was not so impressive).
Fernhaven homes were supposed to have a display home there, but it was also no longer on display.  This time my email has gone unheeded and it is still listed as a display.
Lastly, we went to see Nirvana Park Developments Rose Gum Cottage.  We got there more than an hour after opening time started, but it wasn’t open, so we took turns peering through windows.  Finally, as we were about to drive away, the sales person showed up so we had in a look inside.  You’d think she would be apologetic about keeping us waiting, but she acted as if it was an imposition to open the house up.
Source: Nirvana Park Developments
We liked the floor plan and it had all the traditional features and touches that we want, but the decorating was very odd.  I think they had tried to cram in as many items as possible and it just didn’t work – timber benches and caesar stone style  laminate benches side by side (?).The price is OK though, so we will probably investigate this one further as well.
We’re having a break this weekend, but after that its another rode trip – Pakenham this time.