A bit of history

I mentioned in the first post that we started this process 4 years ago with a design concept.  The two pictures here show our current floor plan and our design concept.  This was done in September 2006.  The cost estimate was $130k to $170k.  We had planned to do the renovation and extension in stages so we could stay in the house.  The extension involved going out to the side and the back.

Existing floor plan
Design Concept 2006
Mid-2007 we thought it was time to make a start and as I work as a contractor I planned to take a 3 month break between contracts and get the drawings done and tender for a builder, at the same I would get the house re-stumped.  This was the second time we had tried to get the re-stumping done – the first time the contractor never showed up and kept putting us off until we finally stopped contacting him.

And then we hit a bit of a hiccup – it was a result of watching House.  Fans of House will know the episode I am talking about.  House performs surgery on a foetus inside the womb, and the foetus grabs hold of his finger.   At that exact moment my body clock started up and immediately went into over-drive.  Up until that moment I had had no desire to have children; I waited 10 days for it to go away before telling my husband.  About 5 months later I was pregnant with Oscar.  This obviously caused us to rethink our plans.  Not wanting to try and do the extension while pregnant or with a new born, we decide to hold off and just renovate the existing house.  So we re-stumped, re-wired, put in a new heating and cooling system (sized for the extension) and had the roof re-sealed and painted.  That was hard enough!
Then Oscar came in 2008 and all of a sudden the house felt very small.

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