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Bits and Bobs

We have been finalising and buying lots of bits and pieces:

  • Variation for the tiles – natural (marble and limestone) cost more to lay than ceramic tiles.
  • Variation for screening on the verandah (a mistake on the engineering report has our deck looking into the neighbours house, so a screen is required).
  • More lights – swivel spotlights for the walk in robe and pantry (Ikea), outdoor spotlights.
  • Shelf for the shower in the bathroom (Metric Tile).
  • Returning the tallboy we ordered for the bathroom – we must have miscalculated as it doesn’t fit!
  • Walk in robe order – a custom designed Elfa solution from Howard’s Storage World.
  • Furnishing bought for Oscar’s Star Wars room – new doonah (to fit the european star wars cover), desk lamp (metalic and star wars-ish) and bedside table (it looks a bit like those walking fighter thingies!) from Ikea.
  • Floor protectors for under the desks (Ikea).
  • Globes – lots of them!
  • Connecting the electricity (this task finally pushed me to tears!).  Are there no electricity companies that know their processes for connecting a new property?
  • Confirmed solar panel installation.

Oscar came to Ikea with me and enjoyed the shopping, but he is a bit over being dragged out shopping and to the house!

Bedroom 3
Bedroom 3



Shower Tiles

We went back to Metric Tiles yesterday to try and make a final decision on the shower tiles for the bathroom.  The difficulty wasn’t lack of choice – it was too much choice!  After talking to a very helpful salesman on Friday we were even more confused.  Should the tiles compliment the colour of the pressed metal, the wall paint or the floor?  In the end it was Oscar who gave us the answer.  He was hungry, so hubby took him outside to eat a biscuit, and while they were there they found some perfect tiles.  They compliment the white of the pressed metal and the charcoal of the limestone floor, and continue the marble theme from the kitchen, pantry and laundry.

Square marble tiles
Square marble tiles

Pressed Metal Tiles

We have made some selections for our bathroom, ensuite and kitchen.  We are going to be using pressed metal (tin) as the tiling in the bathroom and ensuite and as the splash back in the kitchen.

Pressed metal sheets are made by Pressed Tin Panels and available through Period Details in Hawthorn.

To use these panels in bathrooms and as splashbacks they need to be powder coated or painted. We are powder coating ours.

For the bathroom and ensuite we are using the Lily panel.

Pressed Tin Panels: Lily (photo from Pressed Tin Panels)
For the bathroom and ensuite. Pressed Tin Panels: Lily (photo from Pressed Tin Panels)

In the ensuite it will be powder coated  in Pearl White; 1800m high on the 3 walls of the ensuite; including in the shower instead of tiles.

Pressed Tin Panels - Colour: Pearl White
For the ensuite. Pressed Tin Panels – Colour: Pearl White

In the bathroom it will be powder coated in Bright White but only 900m high, installed behind the vanity and bath.  The shower will have regular white  tiles.

Pressed Tin Panels - Colour: Bright White
For the bathroom. Pressed Tin Panels – Colour: Bright White

The kitchen splash back is going to be the Large Brick paneling, coated in Mercury Silver.

Pressed Tin Panels: Brick
For the splash back. Pressed Tin Panels: Brick
Pressed Tin Panels - Colour: Mercury Silver
For the splash back. Pressed Tin Panels – Colour: Mercury Silver.


Update: Mercury Silver is no longer available, so we have chosen a new grey/metallic powder coating.